All recruiters know that feeling of having candidates nagging you for feedback and Clients begging for more candidates without really giving insight into what was missing from the previous profiles – after dealing with this unsuccessful process for many years in the UAE market, I thought it was time for a development in practice…

After working in house I was able to grasp the true pain points of a recruitment process from both sides of the equation – I realised that companies needed a partner that they can build a relationship with and they can trust, that they can treat as an extension of their recruitment/talent function. This concept is not necessarily widely accepted by Clients. In order to understand a Clients needs, it takes a lot of persistence to find the ones that embrace the concept and yearn for a go to professional talent partner, rather than pride themselves on being able to get as many profiles as possible for every role.

After 3 years and numerous attempts I finally found a position of acceptance by the market and now intend to utilise the skills and expertise acquired to essentially build a go to template for any talent/recruitment professional to follow, to enable them to build a business from scratch and change the way the market works.

Lets work together to make the market work for us – #professionaltalentpartner #developingpractices