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Donald Trump’s victory on Tuesday came as a surprise to many, due to his unconventional persona and campaign. However, no matter how strange this result was and still is, it is vital for us recruiters to understand how and why the US 2016 Election took such a strange turn. Various strategies used during the election, and by both candidates, can serve as recruitment lessons to all employers.

giphy-17If you think about it, electing a president to office is very similar to recruiting a candidate for a position in a company. What makes this US election novel, and relevant, is its surprising outcome and unconventional use of various strategies.

Let’s be real. Donald Trump can teach us all a lesson or two about gaining people’s attention and support. I mean, he is the 2016 US president-elect after all.

Outlined are three key recruitment takeaways from the US Election.

#1: Relevance


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